• “Dr. Darnita L. Payden puts the ‘fun’ in function.  So, if you want to get more done in less time, with less stress, contact her.”

Sam Horn, author of POP! & What’s Holding You Back?

  • “The Hoarding Awareness Program™ workshop was excellent!! Highly informative.”

First Responder, District of Columbia Government

  • “I will recommend you to anyone.  Your insight is phenomenal.”

Dwayne Strom, client

  • “Dr. Payden helped me overcome the guilt and shame I was feeling.”

Stacy Gordon, client

  • “You (Dr. Payden) were a bright spot in my day. You were also a bright spot in my evening and night! Thanks for the sunshine.”

P. Davis, Organization party participant

  • “She came home happy.”

K. Davis, husband of client

  • “Wow!” I can’t believe this is my space!! It feels different. Thank you so much for your help!! ”

T. Willis, client

  • “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t think it was our space.”

A. Green, age 12, daughter of client

  • “Sometimes you have to hear that you can be helped or even need help from someone else in order to want to do it and Dr. Payden did that for us.”

L. Hamilton, Organization party participant

  • “I didn’t think I could do because I had lived that way for so long. Dr. Payden was patient, understanding and took the time to help me understand why I was holding on to my clutter. My life is so much better now. I’m eternally grateful.”

Laura Dane, client

  • “I’m going to refer myself four more times.”

Dora Pastor, Organization party participant

  • “Thank you so much for sharing the information last evening. I am putting a plan of action into place to begin the process to “declutter my life” which includes my office space. It began this morning upon my arrival to work. What stuck with me the most was the comment of getting rid of stuff/clutter using the “one bag a day” method. I have several different piles in my office. So, I plan to work on a pile a day to remove all the clutter.”

Lynette Juluke, MSN, RN (Ph.D. student), Nurse Manager-Pediatrics
Walden Alumni Event Participant

  • “Dr. Payden, I enjoyed the evening, tremendously. Your presentation was easy to relate to and yes, I could identify more than one of my folk who could benefit from your recommendations/solutions.”

Dr. G. Craig, Health Services, Walden Alumni Event Participant

  • “I thought your course was excellent, and have taken one of your hints….pick a spot, to work on. I think that’s the way I think. You are a wonderful speaker and hold your audience, we were all paying attention. My mind tends to wander, but it didn’t.”

Miriam Schottland, First Class, Inc. Class Participant

  • “I enjoyed the class today very much and loved the sharing without the guilt and blame. Your class was wonderful and non judgmental.”

J. Val, First Class, Inc. Class Participant

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