Smead® 3-way Classic Organizer

As we say goodbye to the old year, let’s also say goodbye to the old cluttered way of doing things, especially with your files. One easy way to do that is to have a “Farewell to Clutter” party. That’s right; get festive about conquering outdated files and documents. Turn on some music, fire up your shredder and go for it!! What to do with what files MUST remain? Organize them using a common sense and functional method. Those you’ll need to keep handy or portable can be filed using the Smead® 3-way Classic Organizer. It’s an awesome organization tool just waiting to be a part of the “New Year, New You.” Twelve pockets are numbered, 1-31, with A-Z tabs, with each month emblazoned on the tabs, right there for your organizing pleasure. There’s even an elastic cord to keep the “reigns” on the contents. So, what’s stopping you?? Get to that “Farewell to Clutter” party and start organizing. Have a wonderful time doing so and a Happy “New Year, New You!!”

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