“Naturalistic Observation” Saturday

I don’t usually venture into retail establishments on weekends because that’s when everyone else is there and long lines, crowds and confusion are not my favs. BUT today I decided to engage in a “Naturalistic Observation” Saturday. Costco @10am this morning-gas gridlock (was EVERYONE on “E”?). Reminded me of the 1979 gas crisis, without the rationing. Inside, there was massive gridlock again-this time in the battery aisle. Was everyone out of “AA” batteries at the same time? Shoppers and Giant (grocery stores for the out-of-town readers)-bustling, but not crowded. Surprisingly there was still milk, cheese and bread-the DC standard for an impending storm, lol!! Lowe’s-slightly busy and already out of water and flashlights (except the pocket sized). One interesting note-many people were buying PERISHABLE food, despite the forecast of mass power outages. Hmmm. So when I asked (you know I did), most couldn’t explain how they planned to keep the food from spoiling, if the need arose. Final question to my willing participants-”What if you lose power and you have canned food. How will you open and heat it?” Let’s just say there were quite a few folks running to the gadget aisle for a manual can opener and the grilling aisle for charcoal and accessories!! Grill on.

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