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Smead See File Organizer™

I love chocolate. Of course that has nothing to do with this post except I wanted to share it with you and this month’s Smead product, The See File™ happens to come in chocolate (with a moss interior). So, on with the show (or at least the review); when you can improve your functioning and organization with a product-that’s always a bonus. With the See File, you get a boatload of space (up to 900 plus sheets of storage); you get twelve pockets (that’s a lot of project organization right there); you get the ever-need alpha labels, as well as the months (and the numbers to boot), plus household subjects and blank labels as well. It’s simply a great organizational tool to keep all of those important files and papers that are needed to help you function at your optimal best. Simply functional!!

Products are provided free by Smead for review.