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Smead Tax Organizer™

Remember the old adage (I’m paraphrasing here),that there were only two certainties in life, death and taxes? Well, let’s add another-disorganization with taxes. Thankfully Smead and I can help you with two of the three. With tax time quickly approaching you may be searching for a place to keep all of those receipts and papers that will hopefully make your (or your accountant’s) job at tax time a little easier. The Tax Organizer™ by Smead provides six pockets to keep everything neat and in one place, handy pre-printed tabs to label each page and even tips to help you use the Tax Organizer™ to the fullest. Now, we can’t guarantee a tax refund, but if used properly, we can guarantee that you will be able to organize all that you need when the tax bell tolls for thee!!

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