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Tuff™ Hanging Folders w/Easy Slide Tab™

Wouldn’t it be nice if on occasion you could just “slide” through life? Well, I can’t offer you that, but Smead does help you “slide” in your filing system with the Tuff™ Hanging Folders with Easy Slide Tab™.

These are the muscle of the folder world; 7 times stronger than regular folders; easy slide tabs (no more taking tabs in and out of those annoying little slots every time you want to update your filing system. Instead, you simply move the easy-to-see tab where you want it). They’ve even reinforced the rods-no more flimsy rods to fall and bend inside your filing cabinet. You even get a choice of colors-steel gray, blue, green, red, yellow and an assortment package of blue, red and yellow. Steel gray and the assortment package come in both letter and legal sizes.

Deceptively simple and easy (and they still give you an instruction sheet). 








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