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Smead Tag Along™organizer


How many of you have watched the shows about couponing? I have and am always fascinated (and a little scared) by the concentration and devotion of those people to save money. While you and I may not go to that “extreme” we can all benefit from saving money in this tight economy, wouldn’t you agree? Couponing doesn’t have to consume your life, but you should make an effort to use coupons for purchases you were planning to make anyway. One handy way to organize all of that “free money” is to use a product like Smead’s Tag Along ™ organizer.

It’s the perfect size to fit in a small purse (or in my case-a large one-who’s with me?), a back pack or just to hold in your hand. It comes in 2 delicious and tranquil sounding colors (chocolate/moss and chocolate/lake blue), for the fashion forward, and includes 5 pockets and stick-on pre-printed labels (plus 5 blank labels).

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To ensure you don’t lose any of the “found money”, there’s a flap and elastic cord to keep everything safe. Don’t limit your use to coupons, use the Tag Along™ for receipts, recipes, business cards or anything else that you need to keep in a handy, dandy, toteable format. They’re so compact, you could have a few for different uses. What other ways can you envision using the Tag Along™organizer?

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